Terms & Conditions

The service provider is a serious matchmaking facilitator for matrimony only ,for people who are legally competent and of legal marriageable age as per the laws of to which they are subject to i.e in India 21 years for female (as per new law for marriageable age for women) and 21 years for male.

We work for facilitating lawful marriage alliance between people who are of legal marriageable age as per the laws that they are subject to. By registering with us you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract to avail our services of providing matrimonial profiles and agree to give us permission to share your profile with other members . By using our services, you establish that you /your family members/by your own will accept our terms and conditions That by signing this contract you have read and understood the search process we adopt for finding your partner for marriage and that you are agreeable to the methodology for the same and give us permission/consent to adopt this for your life partner search That by signing this contract you consent to submit your personal identifiable information to collect, process, and share to provide service. Below is an indicative but not exhaustive list of T&C


By signing this contract, you acknowledge ( represent and warrant) that you have the right, consent authority and legal capacity to enter into this agreement , That the information you have shared with us is authentic and you are not misrepresenting or withholding anything that could be harmful to us or the people you will be speaking to ,meeting for purpose of matrimony. That you are not prohibited or prevented by any applicable law or any order ,decree or injunction from any court, tribunal, or any such authority restraining you from entering into this search for a life partner for the purpose of entering into matrimony.

You confirm that your intention is only to seek a life partner for matrimony and not for establishing any casual relationship.


That you accept and take ownership of respecting confidentiality of the information of the peoples’ profiles shared with you.
That you commit to maintain discretion and respect to all involved in the search process, during and after the process.
You commit to maintaining discretion and confidentiality during the search and background verification process and not share this information with anyone else as it could impact their Life.
That you commit to providing security to the peoples’ profiles you see, meet by maintaining strict confidentiality.


This agreement will be valid as long as the search process is on or till either party decides to terminate the agreement .
In case you terminate there will be no refund of any unutilized fee.
We may terminate your agreement via email/whatsapp /text or any suitable method for reasons below ,but not limited to :
Breach of confidentiality of our terms and maintain confidentiality of profiles of people you have been shown or contact or meet will lead to us terminating this contract.
In case of engaging in prohibited or inappropriate activity or inappropriate communication that is blantantly offensive to the individual or community such as content that promotes racism ,bigotry, hatred, or physical harm of any kind against the individual or any family member or friend Harassment or abetment of harassment of individual or family members by any means verbal communication, electronic communication, face to face communication.
Also, the following but not limited to junk mail, messages, chain letters or unsolicited emails /messages or spamming Spreading rumours or false information that is misleading ,abusive, threatening, obsene, defamatory. Any use of pornographic talk or messages or references that could offend the other
Promoting an illegal or authorized copy of another individual's information.
Attempt to defame either us or our clients in any way in any platform.
No information of any person shall be reposted, shared , distributed, or reproduced in any way with others on any social platform without prior written consent of the other party involved.
If you fail to furnish important information required to take up the search in that case, we will discontinue working with you.
Incase we find that you have hidden or misinterpreted any relevant important information that is critical for this matrimonial search, in that case we will not be able to represent your case anymore and the contract will be invalid. You will also not be eligible for any refund.
Incase we find that you have hidden or misinterpreted any relevant important information that is critical for this matrimonial search, in that case we will not be able to represent your case anymore and the contract will be invalid. You will also not be eligible for any refund.
If you agree to the flow of the search process you can avail services by registering with us by signing this electronic contract or by sending us an email establishing that you agree and accept to the basic terms and conditions and payment of initial fee.


We reserve the right to do a basic BACKGROUND Verification check of the facts furnished by you via all social &professional platforms available to us.
That the user by agreeing to register and avail our services gives their consent to any background verification checks that could be conducted by third party background verification company ,whose services could be hired by those with whom your profile has been shared.


The service provider is only a facilitator and will do only a basic verification available so we do not give any guarantee of the facts represented to us by our members and we advise users to do their own additional background verification checks.
The service provider is in no way liable for any omissions or information withheld by either party.
The service provider does not take any guarantee that marriage would be the outcome from the matches proposed to the user.
The service provider does not take guarantee ,nor can be held responsible for any untoward situation that might arise between two individuals or families once they are engaged in a dialogue as they might want to continue or discontinue further meetings.
We are not be liable for any disputes between you and any member or their families.


The service provider is not liable for anything other than facilitating a match for the sole purpose of matrimony.
The service provider is only a facilitator the decision to marry is solely that of the parties involved The service provider cannot be held liable for anything after the marriage as the decision is solely that of the individual and their families.
The service provider recommends that all criminal, civil and financial verifications be done discreetly and independently by both parties looking to tie the knot but after getting the other parties' consent.
The service provider suggests a legal contract be drawn up before marriage ensuring personal and financial safety of both parties tying the knot.
We do understand this is a sensitive issue we and do our utmost best to keep things confidential however information may get leaked through other sources over whom we do not have any control.